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Voice Mail User Guide


Where to Get Help

If you have any problems or questions about procedures, consult your Administrator (the person
in your company who manages the communications system).


Before accessing your mailbox, you must do three things:


Get the following information from your Administrator and record it in the Quick Reference
Sheet at the beginning of this guide:

the company telephone number

the Automated Attendant number

the Message Center extension

your mailbox number

your default passcode

the Administrator’s name and number


Select a new passcode. When you first access your mailbox, you must change the default
passcode to a series of digits that only you know. The new passcode must have the same
number of character as the default passcode. See “User Options” on page 13 for more
information on passcodes.


Prepare a permanent greeting. When you first access your mailbox, you must record your
permanent greeting. This greeting is what callers hear when you are unable to take their
calls. A sample greeting is given in the start-up instructions on the next pages, but you
may want to create your own. See “Mailbox Greetings” on page 18 for more information.