Type ahead, Message length and conditions, Visual voice mail – NetComm 3100 User Manual

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Voice Mail User Guide


Type Ahead

You don’t need to listen to all menu prompts before pressing a key selection; the prompts are
only for your convenience. If you know which keys to use, type ahead and move through the
system as fast as you wish.

Message Length and Conditions

There is no time limit on message length, but after five minutes the system interrupts the caller
and asks if they wish to continue. If there is no reply, the system stops recording and hangs
up. The same thing happens if the caller stops talking for more than a few seconds or has a
very faint connection.

If the caller is in a very noisy environment, such as a factory or a windy car, the system may
disconnect. The caller should try again from a quieter location.

Minimum message length is two seconds.

Visual Voice Mail

If you have a 5140 or 5240 IP Appliance, you can use the Visual Voice Mail application to
access your voice mail messages. Not all voice mail features are available from Visual Voice
Mail; see your IP Appliance User Guide for more information.