Quick reference sheet – NetComm 3100 User Manual

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Quick Reference Sheet

Ask your Administrator to help you complete this information.

Write down the following important numbers, and keep them handy while using the voice
mail system.

Company Telephone Number: ________________________

Automated Attendant Number: ________________________

(The Automated Attendant replaces or assists a 'live' operator in answering and transferring
calls to extensions or voice mailboxes.)

Message Center Extension:___________________________

(The Message Center enables you to call someone's mailbox to leave a message without having
to speak directly to the person. You can also retrieve and create messages after logging in your
own mailbox through the Message Center. For more information, see “Quick Messaging” on
page 14.)

Your Mailbox Number: _______________________________

Your Default Passcode:___________________________________

Write your Administrator's name and extension number in case you need help with voice


Extension: _________________________________________