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About Your Voice Mail System

The Mitel


3100 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) features an automated voice mail

system for handling telephone calls and taking messages. The system provides you with a
mailbox for sending and receiving messages, which you can personalize with your name, a
greeting, and a private passcode.

Easy to use

Use your telephone keypad to select options in the voice mail system menus. These simple
and straightforward menus allow you to concentrate on what to do, not on how to do it.

Voice prompts guide you every step of the way, telling you which menu options are available.

Don't worry if you make a mistake. You can't damage the system, so experiment with all
the available features.


Encourage callers to leave voice messages in your mailbox, thereby avoiding missed calls
or incorrect messages.

Record temporary greetings to let callers know when you are out for the day, on vacation,
or busy in meetings.

Listen to or leave messages 24 hours a day, from any touch-tone telephone.

If you are out of the office at another number or with a pager or cellular telephone, the voice
mail system can notify you when you receive messages.

Your Telephone

Before using the voice mail features of your system, familiarize yourself with your telephone.

Message key - Used to call the Message Center and access your mailbox.

Keypad - Used to make menu selections within the voice mail system.

Message light - Used to indicate when you have messages in your mailbox.

For telephones that do not have a message light, your Administrator can set up the system to
call you when someone leaves a message.

Your telephone may provide “softkeys” that allow you to select many of the voice mail menu
options. To select a menu option that appears in the telephone display, you can either press
the associated softkey or press the keypad digit for the option.