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What Is the PokéPark?

Far away, there exists a PokéPark surrounded

by the beauties of nature.

A long time ago, many humans lived in the PokéPark, and they

built things like buildings and mines in order to live. Now,

however, there are no signs of humans living in the PokéPark.

With no humans living there, the PokéPark became a

playground for Pokémon. They used natural locations like

the woods, beaches, and caves to play, as well as human-

made items like the Mine Cart and the Haunted House.

The areas where Pokémon play competitive games are

called Attractions. Many Pokémon came to play the

Attractions, and the PokéPark became a very lively place.

The PokéPark is divided into several Zones, based on the type of

terrain. The Zone Keepers represent the Pokémon in each Zone.

They manage the Attractions and watch over the other Pokémon.

At the center of the PokéPark is the Meeting Place. From

there, Pokémon can pass through the gates to the Zone

they want to visit. There are legends of ruins in the sky,

too. Pokémon call this the Sky Pavilion, but none of them

know if it really exists or how it could be found.

Play as Pikachu on an Adventure with Friends!

But the peaceful PokéPark has been plunged into danger!

The problems began when the Zone Keepers closed

the gates in the Meeting Place, and Pokémon were

no longer able to enjoy the Attractions freely.

Since they weren’t allowed to play the Attractions anymore,

many Pokémon left the PokéPark or became less friendly with

one another. The vitality of the PokéPark itself decreased.

The Pokémon who worries the most about this situation is

Mew™, who lives in the Sky Pavilion (which really does exist!).

The Sky Pavilion has the ability to float in the sky, thanks

to the power of a giant crystal called the Sky Prism. The

source of the Sky Prism’s power is the friendship and

happiness of all of the Pokémon in the PokéPark.

If the Pokémon in the PokéPark continue on their unhappy

path, the Sky Prism will lose its power completely,

and the Sky Pavilion will come crashing down.

Mew has called upon some special Pokémon that love to

play with friends in the hope that if they make friends with

everyone, the PokéPark will become lively and happy again.

Mew has invited four Pokémon that were playing happily

together: Pikachu™, Chikorita™, Piplup™, and Charmander™.

Pikachu, along with three friends, has arrived in the PokéPark

through the Mysterious Tunnel. Your adventure begins here!

Play Chase, fight battles, and more to make friends

with many Pokémon, and use their help to clear the

Attractions. The more you play in the PokéPark, the more

new Pokémon will be drawn to the happy atmosphere.

Gather all the Sky Prism Pieces, and unite

the Pokémon of the PokéPark!

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