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Main Menu

Press at the title screen to see the
Main Menu.

Start a New Game

to start a new game from the beginning,

Start a new game…

. use to look

at the pictures of Pikachu used to keep
track of different Games, then select the
picture you want to use for your Game by
pressing .


, and you’ll see the screen to the

right. Select

Play in PokéPark

and press

to start the Game.

Saving the Game


Save Game

(see page 13) to save a record of your adventure. You need

over 95 open blocks in Wii system memory.
Please do not press the POWeR Button or the ReSet Button while saving.
Please refer to the Wii Operations Manual (Channels and Settings) that came
with the Wii console when deleting data from Wii system memory.

Attention: Deleting data from Wii system memory deletes all data, including Games (1 to
4). This information cannot be restored.

• Password

enter a Password (see page 18) to get

Pikachu’s Accessories

or to have new

Pokémon appear in the game.

• Options

Change Picture
Change the picture of Pikachu that
shows which Game is yours. You cannot
choose a picture that is being used for
another Game.
Text Speed
Select between two speeds for displaying





Rumble Setting
turn the Wii Remote controller’s Rumble





Delete the selected Game.

Note: Deleted Games cannot be restored.


Play the Attractions unlocked in any of the
Games (1 to 4) as many times as you want.
Any Pokémon that has become your friend
in any of the Games (1 to 4) can play the

Note: Records set in the Arcade are saved
separately from the Records in the main game
and cannot be deleted.

(If data is deleted from Wii system memory, all
of the data, including the Save Games [1 to 4],
will be deleted.)

Note: Photos (see page 11) cannot be taken in
the Arcade.

Games (1 to 4)

You can create up to four Games. Select the Game you want to play, and
press on

Play in PokéPark

to start the Game from the entrance of the

Zone where you last saved the Game.

Note: Games cannot be copied.

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