Attractions – Nintendo PokePark Pikachu's Adventure 71573A User Manual

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background image



Each Pokémon’s


Pokémon displayed

in bright colors

can play.

Play again

with the same


Return to picking

the Pokémon to play

that Attraction.

Quit playing this


The Record

needed for this

Pokémon to get

a Bonus.

Note: If the Pokémon

has already received

the Bonus, you’ll see


You can’t select

Pokémon to

play Attractions

unless they’re

your friends.

Return to

the previous


Start again from

the beginning.

Return to the

screen for picking



You must clear each Zone’s Attractions
to make progress in your adventure. talk
to the

Attraction Chief

standing next to

the Signboard, and give that Pokémon the
number of Berries necessary to play the
Attraction. Depending on the Attraction,
you may need to meet other conditions in
order to play.
Before beginning each Attraction, you’ll
have a chance to read about how to play it.
Press to read the next page, or press to
return to the previous page. Press to skip
the explanation. When the Attraction hasn’t
been cleared yet, the


is displayed.

Next, you’ll read how to use the Wii Remote.
Press to continue reading, or press to
return to the previous section. Press to
skip the explanation. Sometimes you’ll see
extra information that might help you, such
as suggestions about

Skillful Pokémon


are good at that Attraction.
Choose the Pokémon to play the Attraction. Pikachu and friends are displayed,
so use left or right on to choose a Pokémon, then press to confirm.

to play an Attraction, first select a Pokémon.
You’ll have to perform specific actions
depending on the Attraction. For example,

Bulbasaur’s Daring Dash

, you shake the

Wii Remote up and down to Dash.

Note: Do not shake the Wii Remote too hard.
Note: Please read the Wii Operations Manual or the Wii Remote Jacket Operations
Manual to learn how to attach the jacket and wrist strap to the Wii Remote.

Pressing during the Attraction pauses the action and brings
up the following screen.

If you achieve the Goal after playing the
Attraction, the Attraction is cleared, and
the Attraction Chief will give you a Sky
Prism Piece.
If you break the Bonus record, you’ll
receive Berries—but only one time for
each Pokémon.
When the game is complete, you’ll see the following screen. You can play as
many times as you like without paying more Berries, until you choose



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