Poképark pad – Nintendo PokePark Pikachu's Adventure 71573A User Manual

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of Friends

Friend List

Save Game

Amount of

Film Left


of Berries

PokéPark Pad

Friend List

This is a list of Pokémon that have
become your friends. The list is ordered by
number. Press to sort the list by name
(alphabetical order). Press

again to

return the list to numerical order.

Select a Pokémon and press to read information about that Pokémon. Press
left or right on to read about the previous or next Pokémon on the list.

This picture means the Pokémon is one of your friends.

This picture means the Pokémon is one of your best friends.

Note: One of the ways you can make a friend into a best friend is by playing a Skill
Game with that Pokémon.

Save Game

Save the Game at this point. After saving,
you will be asked if you want to quit
playing. Select


to return to the title

screen. Select


to return to the PokéPark

Pad screen.
After you’ve saved at least one Game, select

Game (1 to 4)

on the Main Menu

(see page 8) to play a different Game or continue from where you left off.

Note: At different points during the adventure, such as when you have cleared an
Attraction, you’ll be asked whether you want to save the Game.

At the beginning of the adventure, Pikachu receives the

PokéPark Pad


Chatot™. Press to open the PokéPark Pad. You can only do this in the
PokéPark, not while playing Attractions.

Pikachu’s Stats

On this screen, you’ll see information such
as how strong Pikachu is in battle and how
many Sky Prism Pieces you have collected.

Pikachu’s Battle HP

Pikachu’s Dash Speed

Thunderbolt’s Strength

Iron Tail’s Strength

Sky Prism Pieces Collected

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