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Pikachu’s HP


Opponent’s HP

Pokémon and skill Games

When you talk to other Pokémon in the
Zones, they will invite you to play



. There are several different types of

Skill Games.
When you win a Skill Game, your opponent
will become your friend, and you’ll receive
some Berries.
Some of your friends can participate in particular Attractions.

Note: Press during a Skill Game to quit playing that Skill Game. You cannot
resume the Skill Game after quitting. You cannot quit during a Quiz.
Note: Photos cannot be taken during Skill Games.


Win this game by tagging the other
Pokémon within the time limit. You won’t
be able to tag the other Pokémon without
using to Dash into them.
Hit Pikachu’s opponents with a
Thunderbolt by pressing , and you may
stop them in their tracks!


The first Pokémon to knock the opponent’s HP all the way down within
the time limit wins. If Pikachu’s HP is all gone or time runs out, you’ll lose
that battle.

Pikachu lowers the opponent’s HP with the following methods. But, beware!
Thunderbolt doesn’t work on some opponents.

Dash into the opponent

Fire off a Thunderbolt

Shake the Wii Remote up and down to use Iron Tail


* Iron tail is learned later in the adventure.

Quickly tapping either left or right twice
on moves Pikachu at high speed, which
makes it easier to dodge the opponent’s
attacks. Also, if your opponent is shown as
blinking on and off, that means Pikachu’s
attacks temporarily have no effect.


Win this game by finding the other
Pokémon within the time limit. When you
get close to your opponent,

will be

displayed. Press to find the Pokémon.
When you’re getting closer to finding your
opponent, you will hear that Pokémon’s
voice. When you’re heading in the wrong
direction, you might get a hint.


There are three questions in the Quiz.
Answer them all correctly to win. There is
no time limit. Press up or down on to
choose an answer, then press to confirm.

Obstacle Hop

Hop from obstacle to obstacle with . If
Pikachu reaches the opponent within the
time limit, you win! If Pikachu gets off
course or falls off a platform, you’ll have to
start over at the beginning.

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