Basic controls, Getting started – Nintendo PokePark Pikachu's Adventure 71573A User Manual

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Wii Menu

Channel Preview Screen

Use the Thunderbolt attack

Open the PokéPark Pad

Skip movies

Cancel action

Go back


Browse items


Note: Pressing left or

right twice quickly

makes Pikachu dodge

during battle.

Take a Photo

(see page 11)

Confirm selection

Scroll text


Talk, Check, or Pick Up

Move the point-of-view to focus on the

nearest Pokémon.

Note: If there is no Pokémon nearby, the point-of-

view will shift to the direction Pikachu is facing.

Open the HOME Menu

Note: For details, please see

your Wii Operations Manual

(Channels and Settings).

Basic Controls

PokéPark™ Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

uses the Wii Remote™ controller to

play. (The Nunchuk™ controller is not used.)

Please insert the Wii Game Disc


Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

correctly in

the Wii console’s disc slot. When you see
the screen to the right, read the message,
then press .

Please select the Wii Disc Channel on the
Wii Menu by pointing and pressing .
You’ll see the Channel Preview screen.

Note: Please see “SYSteM MeNu uPDAte”
(on Contents page).

Point at Start and press . You’ll see the
Strap usage screen.

Put the Wii Remote wrist strap on, then
press . Next, hold the Wii Remote in
a horizontal position and press . You’ll
see the title screen.

Press to start the game.


Pointing the Wii Remote toward the screen and
pressing changes the point-of-view to Pikachu’s point-
of-view. Pikachu will look where you point until you
point away from the screen and press , which returns
the point-of-view to normal.

Note: During play, the Wii Remote is held horizontally. Certain Attractions may
require the player to point the Wii Remote toward the screen.
Note: Shake the Wii Remote up and down during battles to use Pikachu’s

Iron Tail

attack. Pikachu learns Iron tail during the adventure.

Getting started


Please use the wrist strap to help prevent injury to
other people or damage to surrounding objects
or the Wii Remote in case you accidentally let
go of the Wii Remote during game play.
Also remember the following:
• Make sure all players put on the wrist strap properly when it is their turn.
• Do not let go of the Wii Remote during game play.
• Dry your hands if they become moist.
• Allow adequate room around you during game play and make sure that all

areas you might move into are clear of other people and objects.

• Stay at least three feet from the television.
• use the Wii Remote Jacket.

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