Blades use only clipper diamond blades – Norton Abrasives C9 User Manual

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2. Remove the blade shaft nut, (Turn clockwise) , and remove the outside


3. Clean off any foreign particles on the clamping surfaces of both collars

and on the mounting surface of the blade.

4. Place the blade on the blade shaft, lining up the drive pin hole in the

blade with the drive pinhole in the inside collar.

Use only Clipper Diamond Blades. This machine was not

designed for the use with abrasive blades.

5. Slide the outside blade shaft collar onto the blade shaft . The drive pin

on the outside collar must project through the drive pin hole in the
blade and into the inside collar.

6. Tighten the blade shaft nut (counter-clockwise) securely against the

outside collar and remove the Blade Shaft Locking Pin.

7. Reconnect the spark plug.

Blades Use Only Clipper Diamond Blades

B. Starting the Engine

1. Refer to the engine owner's manual for the proper starting procedures.
2. Always cut with engine rpm in the full throttle setting.

C. Water Supply

Pressurized source: Turn the water control to full "ON" when using wet
cutting blades. The required flow rate is 4-6 gallons per minute.

Water Tank on saw: This supply is designed for use with dry blades to
keep the dust levels down. The tank will not supply the proper water flow
rates when used with wet cut only blades. Do not drink the water from this
tank. Fill the tank with water only. Close the water tank valve. Attach the
saws water supply hose to the tank outlet. Fill the tank with water. The
capacity of the tank is 5 US Gallons. When you are ready to cut, adjust
the water supply rate until a fine mist or a slow trickle is made. The
use of water greatly decreases the amount of dust produced during the
cutting process, aids in the cooling of the blade, and provides additional