Norton Abrasives C9 User Manual

Page 11

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stability. The water tank adds additional blast (weight) to the machine,
which aids in keeping the diamond blade in the cut and reducing
vibrations. We recommend that the water tank to be filled with water at all
time the machine is in use.

• Use Only Water In The Water Tank
• Do Not Drink From The Tank

D. Operating the Saw

1. For blade installation instructions see section II. Operation sub heading A.

Installing the Blade. For the engine starting instructions, see the Engine
manual and follow the instructions located in section II. Operation sub
heading B. Starting the Engine.

2. Check the Engine Oil level.

3. Raise the saw to the full upright position. Do not let the blade come in

contact with the ground.

4. Maneuver the saw to the desired starting point.

5. If wet cutting, connect the water supply to the saw.

6. Follow the instructions for starting the engine found in the Engine manual.

7. If wet cutting, turn on the water supply at the source and then open the

water valves on the saw. Make sure that there is a minimum of 4-6 gallons
per minute of water flow!!

8. Be sure the engine is running at full throttle!!!

9. Slowly lower the blade by rotating the hand wheel clockwise until the

desired depth of cut is reached. Use a reasonable rate of feed. Do not
force the blade into the cut!!

10. When the end of the cut is reached, slowly raise the blade out of the cut

by rotating the Hand Wheel counter-clockwise until the blade is at least
one (1) inch above the ground.

12. Only move the saw in reverse with the blade in the raised position.