Norton Abrasives C9 User Manual

Page 14

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Always refer to the engine manual for more detailed information on checking
the oil, changing oil, and oil capacity, air filter changes, and fuel type to use.
Use only Honda air filters. Do not clean the air filter with gasoline or other
flammable solvents. A fire or explosion could result. To clean, follow the
instructions found in the Honda engine manual.

Dry Cutting Engine Maintenance

9 When operating the engine in dry cutting or dusty environments the following

is required:

9 Engine oil changed more often.
9 Every 50 hours (or more often if conditions require) clean all of the engine

cooling fins.

9 Every 25 hours (or more often if conditions require) clean the engine


9 Every 100 hours (or more often if conditions require) replace the air filter. If

the engine is equipped with a reusable air cleaner, clean and re-oil it.

9 Check and clean the air filter after each use. Replace as needed.

B. Bearings

Re lubrication type bearings must be relubricated daily to assure long life.
The grease used should conform to the NLGI grade two and be free of
any chemical impurities such as free acid or free alkali, dust, rust, metal
particles or abrasives.