Dust and silica warning – Norton Abrasives C9 User Manual

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Dust and Silica Warning

Grinding/cutting/drilling of masonry, concrete, metal and other materials can
generate dust, mists and fumes containing chemicals known to cause serious or
fatal injury or illness, such as respiratory disease, cancer, birth defects or other
reproductive harm. If you are unfamiliar with the risks associated with the
particular process and/or material being cut or the composition of the tool being
used, review the material safety data sheet and/or consult your employer, the
material manufacturer/supplier, governmental agencies such as OSHA and
NIOSH and other sources on hazardous materials and make certain to comply
with all product warnings and instructions for the safe and effective use of the
material being cut. California and some other authorities, for instance, have
published lists of substances known to cause cancer, reproductive toxicity, or
other harmful effects.

Control dust, mist and fumes at the source where possible. In this regard use
good work practices and follow the recommendations of the
manufacturer/supplier, OSHA/NIOSH, and occupational and trade associations.
Water should be used for dust suppression when wet cutting is feasible. When
the hazards from inhalation of dust, mists and fumes cannot be eliminated
through engineering controls such as either vacuum and/or water mist, the
operator and any bystanders should always wear a respirator approved by
NIOSH/MSHA for the material being cut.

Use Approved:

Eye Protection





Head Protection