You are responsible for your safety – Norton Abrasives C9 User Manual

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1. Before mounting any blade on the saw, the blade should be inspected for

any damage which might have occurred during shipment, handling or
previous use.

2. The blade collars and arbors should be cleaned and examined for

damage before mounting the blade.

3. The blade must be properly fitted over the arbor with the drive pin on the

outside collar projecting through the drive pin hole on the blade and
inside collar.

4. The blade shaft nut, which is a left-hand thread nut, must be tightened

securely against the outside blade shaft collar.

5. The blade must be operated within the specified maximum operating

speed listed on the blade.

6. Turn water control valve to full to provide adequate coolant (4 to 6

gallons per minute) for diamond blades and wet cutting abrasive blades.
Insufficient coolant could result in severe blade breakage or diamond
segment separation.

7. The blade guard must be in place with the nose guard down and locked

when the saw is running.

8. The operator should wear safety glasses and any other appropriate

safety equipment.

9. When starting the saw, the operator should stand away and to the side of

the blade.

10. If for any reason the saw should stall in the cut, raise the blade out of

the cut. Check the outside blade shaft collar and nut for tightness.
Inspect the blade for damage before restarting the saw. Use caution
when resuming a cut. Be certain that the blade is in alignment with the
previous cut.

11. During cutting operations, do not exert excess side pressure on the

handles as a method of steering. Do not force the blade into the cut by
lowering the blade too fast or by pushing the saw too fast.

You Are Responsible For Your Safety!!!