Iii. maintenance – Norton Abrasives C9 User Manual

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A. Engine

Follow the below schedule for engine maintenance. NOTE: Check the Honda
Engine manual that came with the engine for any changes to the
maintenance schedule. If the charts have any differences, follow the chart in
the Honda Engine Manual. The Norton Company does not warranty the
engine. If any warranty or service of the engine is required contact your
nearest Honda service center, or from the Internet:



Honda engine ( refer to owner's manual for complete maintenance.)

Check the engine oil level before each use when the engine is cool and the
engine is level. Add oil if the level is low. The oil level should be within the
operating range (see the eninge owner’s manual for details).

Only use a high-detergent, premium quality motor oil certified to meet or
exceed U.S. automobile manufacturer’s requirements for Service
Classification SG, SF/CC, CD. Motor oils will show the classification on the
container. A SAE viscosity of 10W-30 is recommend by Honda for general,
all temperature use. Please consult the below chart or contact your local
Honda service center for the proper viscosity for your temperature range.