Ii. operation – Norton Abrasives C9 User Manual

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D. Engine

Prior to attempting to operate the engine, read the information
contained in the engine owner's manual. An engine owners manual is
supplied with every gasoline powered concrete saw.

1. Check Oil: Add oil if low. Refer to the engine owner's manual for the

recommended SAE viscosity grades. Capacity of oil is 1.1 liters (1.16 US

2. Check Fuel: Fill if low. Use only unleaded gasoline with a pump sticker

octane rating of 86 or higher is recommended. Never use an oil and
gasoline mixture!

3. Air Cleaner: Never run the engine without the air cleaner! Rapid engine

wear will result from contaminants being drawn through the carburetor and
into the engine.

4. Engine Starting: Refer to the engine owner's manual for proper engine

starting procedure.

E. Pointer Alignment

1. Use a straight edge, and carefully mark a line 12 feet long on a smooth

level surface.

2. Place the saw blade on the marked line, move the saw to the center of the

marked line and then lower the blade until it is about 1/16” above the
marked line

3. Measure from each end of the saw frame to insure that the frame is

parallel to the marked line. Adjust the saw as needed.

4. With the blade centered on the marked line and the saw frame parallel to

the marked line, lower the front pointer.

5. Adjust the pointer by bending it until is aligned with the marked line.


A. Installing the Blade

1. Disconnect the spark plug and then insert the Blade Shaft Locking Pin

into the Blade Shaft Locking hole.