ZANKER ZKK 9008 User Manual

Page 11

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2. Make sure that the power plug is not squashed

or damaged by the back of the appliance. A
squashed or damaged power plug may over-
heat and cause a fire.

3. Make sure that you can come to the mains plug

of the appliance.

4. Do not pull the mains cable.
5. If the power plug socket is loose, do not insert

the power plug. There is a risk of electric shock
or fire.

6. You must not operate the appliance without the

lamp cover


of interior lighting.

• This appliance is heavy. Care should be taken when

moving it.

• Do not remove nor touch items from the freezer

compartment if your hands are damp/wet, as this
could cause skin abrasions or frost/freezer burns.

• Avoid prolonged exposure of the appliance to direct


• Bulb lamps


used in this appliance are special pur-

pose lamps selected for household appliances use
only. They are not suitable for household room illu-

Daily use

• Do not put hot pot on the plastic parts in the appli-


• Do not store flammable gas and liquid in the appli-

ance, because they may explode.

• Appliance's manufacturers storage recommenda-

tions should be strictly adhered to. Refer to relevant

Care and cleaning

• Before maintenance, switch off the appliance and

disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.

• Do not clean the appliance with metal objects.
• Regularly examine the drain in the refrigerator for

defrosted water. If necessary, clean the drain. If the
drain is blocked, water will collect in the bottom of
the appliance.


Important! For electrical connection carefully follow the
instructions given in specific paragraphs.

• Unpack the appliance and check if there are dam-

ages on it. Do not connect the appliance if it is dam-
aged. Report possible damages immediately to the
place you bought it. In that case retain packing.

• It is advisable to wait at least four hours before con-

necting the appliance to allow the oil to flow back in
the compressor.

• Adequate air circulation should be around the appli-

ance, lacking this leads to overheating. To achieve
sufficient ventilation follow the instructions relevant
to installation.

• Wherever possible the back of the product should be

against a wall to avoid touching or catching warm
parts (compressor, condenser) to prevent possible

• The appliance must not be located close to radiators

or cookers.

• Make sure that the mains plug is accessible after the

installation of the appliance.

• Connect to potable water supply only.



• Any electrical work required to do the servicing of the

appliance should be carried out by a qualified electri-
cian or competent person.

• This product must be serviced by an authorized

Service Centre, and only genuine spare parts must
be used.

Environment Protection

This appliance does not contain gasses which
could damage the ozone layer, in either its refrig-

erant circuit or insulation materials. The appliance shall
not be discarded together with the urban refuse and
rubbish. The insulation foam contains flammable gases:
the appliance shall be disposed according to the appli-
cable regulations to obtain from your local authorities.
Avoid damaging the cooling unit, especially at the rear
near the heat exchanger. The materials used on this
appliance marked by the symbol are recyclable.

5) If the lamp cover is foreseen.
6) If the lamp is foreseen.
7) If a water connection is foreseen.