Care and cleaning, What to do if – ZANKER ZKK 9008 User Manual

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Care and cleaning

Caution! Unplug the appliance before carrying
out any maintenance operation.

This appliance contains hydrocarbons in its cool-
ing unit; maintenance and recharging must there-

fore only be carried out by authorized technicians.

Periodic cleaning

The equipment has to be cleaned regularly:
• clean the inside and accessories with lukewarm wa-

ter and some neutral soap.

• regularly check the door seals and wipe clean to en-

sure they are clean and free from debris.

• rinse and dry thoroughly.

Important! Do not pull, move or damage any pipes
and/or cables inside the cabinet.
Never use detergents, abrasive powders, highly
perfumed cleaning products or wax polishes to clean
the interior as this will damage the surface and leave a
strong odour.

Clean the condenser (black grill) and the compressor at
the back of the appliance with a brush. This operation
will improve the performance of the appliance and save
electricity consumption.

Important! Take care of not to damage the cooling

Many proprietary kitchen surface cleaners contain
chemicals that can attack/damage the plastics used in
this appliance. For this reason it is recommended that
the outer casing of this appliance is only cleaned with
warm water with a little washing-up liquid added.
After cleaning, reconnect the equipment to the mains

Defrosting of the refrigerator

Frost is automatically eliminated from the evaporator of
the refrigerator compartment every time the motor com-
pressor stops, during normal use. The defrost water
drains out through a trough into a special container at
the back of the appliance, over the motor compressor,
where it evaporates.
It is important to periodically clean the defrost water
drain hole in the middle of the refrigerator compartment
channel to prevent the water overflowing and dripping
onto the food inside. Use the special cleaner provided,
which you will find already inserted into the drain hole.

Periods of non-operation

When the appliance is not in use for long periods, take
the following precautions:
disconnect the appliance from electricity supply
• remove all food
• defrost


and clean the appliance and all accessories

• leave the door/doors ajar to prevent unpleasant


If the cabinet will be kept on, ask somebody to check it
once in a while to prevent the food inside from spoiling
in case of a power failure.

What to do if…

Warning! Before troubleshooting, disconnect the
mains plug from the mains socket.

Only a qualified electrician or competent person must
do the troubleshooting that is not in this manual.

Important! There are some sounds during normal use
(compressor, refrigerant circulation).

8) If foreseen.