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Property Files



Property Files

The Wireless Edition supports system-wide extensibility using property files. Each
property file stores runtime parameters and processing information for a Wireless
Edition component. The Wireless Edition property files are named with the
extension .properties or .xml.

Each section of this document presents a different topic. These sections include:

Section 10.1, "Overview"

Section 10.2, "System.Properties"

Section 10.3, "Notification.properties"

Section 10.4, "Rmi.properties"

Section 10.5, "oemevent.properties"

Section 10.6, "Ftp.properties"

Section 10.7, "Spatial.Properties"

Section 10.8, "www-server.properties"

Section 10.9, "Provisioning.properties"

Section 10.10, "useragent.properties"

Section 10.11, "LDAP.properties"

Section 10.12, "AsynchNotification.properties"

Section 10.13, "AsynchRequest.properties"

Section 10.14, "EncodingSets.properties"

Section 10.15, "LocationMark.properties"

Section 10.16, "ProxyFirewall.properties"