Oracle Audio Technologies Application 9i User Manual

Page 79

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Configuring the Server, Client, and Middle-tier

Oracle Enterprise Manager



Append the following entry to the svppcart.dat file in the ORACLE_
HOME/odg directory.

PTG ALL libvpxptg vpxptg

This completes the server side configuration. Restart the Oracle Intelligent Agent.
Restart the Data Gatherer.

Oracle Intelligent Agent Start and Stop

To stop the agent:

lsnrctl dbsnmp_stop

To start the agent:

lsnrctl dbsnmp_start

Data Gatherer Start and Stop

To stop the gatherer:

vppcntl -stop

To start the gatherer:

vppcntl -start Wireless Edition Data Gatherer Cartridge Installation:

To install the data gatherer cartridge:


For more information on commands to restart the Oracle

Intelligent Agent, Oracle Management Server, and Data Gatherer,
see the Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Guide.


The cartridge installation requires an Oracle Enterprise

Manager 2.2 Console and Oracle Intelligent Agent 8.1.7 on the
server side.