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SMS Request Listener

Alerts and SMS Request Listener

3-5 Flow-Control

Configure the following entries for the SMS-control:

# The max number of SMS chunks per message. <int>




# The maximum number of bytes per message. <int>


sms.message.maxsize= Wireless Edition SMS System Account for SMS-C

If there is a dedicated SMS system account created at SMS-C for the Wireless
Edition to send the SMS to, configure the following entries appropriately:

# Wireless Edition SMS System Account Id


# The corresponding password


3.3 SMS Request Listener

The SMS Request Listener allows the invocation of any Wireless Edition service
using a SMS message. The SMS Request Listener processes the SMS-based service
invocation request and returns the result, if any, as a SMS message by performing
the following:


Authenticate the user by finding the alert address with the actual phone


Invoke the service.


Place the result, if any, after invoking the service, in the notification queue.


The following configuration is not required if the SMS

Request Listener will not be provided to the end user.