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Oracle9i Application Server Wireless Edition Configuration Guide

5.1 Overview

The following sections describe three possible deployment scenarios for multiple
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) support in Wireless Edition:

Section 5.2, "Multiple Instances on Same Machine as Oracle HTTP Server"

Section 5.3, "Multiple Instances on the Same Machine/Oracle HTTP Server on
Different Machine"

Section 5.4, "Multiple Instances and Oracle HTTP Server All on Different

This document describes:

The Cache synchronization setup (to ensure that the object caches of each
instance are synchronous).

Multiple JVM environment without JServ session cookies.

Personalization Portal setup.


In this document:

WE_HOME is the directory in which Wireless Edition is
installed followed by the "panama" sub-directory. For example:

c:\ias10210\panama (Windows)

/private/ias10210/panama (UNIX)

Replace "WE_HOME" with the fully-qualified directory path.

ORACLE_HOME is the directory in which Oracle9i
Application Server is installed.


The steps in this document assume an initial configuration

of single JVM support. Verify that Wireless Edition is initially set up
to run as a single instance communicating with a single Oracle
HTTP Server instance.