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Installation Overview


Oracle9i Application Server Wireless Edition Configuration Guide

1.1 Installation Overview

The Oracle9i Application Server installation includes three options:

Oracle HTTP Server

Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

Wireless Edition is installed as part of each of these options. The Oracle9i Application
Server Installation Guide
discusses each option, and discusses the installation steps
specific to Wireless Edition. The Installation Guide defines Wireless Edition and
Oracle HTTP Server hardware and software requirements, preinstallation tasks
(setting environment variables), port numbers, starting and stopping the Oracle
HTTP Server, and the Wireless Edition client configuration.

For a new installation of Wireless Edition, follow the steps in this document starting
with the manual configuration in

Section 1.2

. If you have a previous release of

Wireless Edition installed see

Section 1.3



In this document:

WE_HOME is the directory in which Wireless Edition is
installed followed by the "panama" sub-directory. For example:

c:\ias10210\panama (Windows)

/private/ias10210/panama (UNIX)

Replace "WE_HOME" with the fully-qualified directory path.

ORACLE_HOME is the directory in which Oracle9i
Application Server is installed.


Wireless Edition is not properly configured until the

manual configuration steps are completed in

Section 1.2