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The document describes the logging capability of Wireless Edition. Each section of
this document presents a different topic. These sections include:

Section 4.1, "Overview"

Section 4.2, "Database Logging"

Section 4.3, "Service Designer Logging"

Section 4.4, "Server Logging"

Section 4.5, "Transaction Logging"

Section 4.6, "Configuring the Runtime Monitor and Management"

4.1 Overview

Wireless Edition generates logging information for both the server and
development client components.

4.2 Database Logging

Wireless Edition database logging records each authenticated service invocation
request and each successful user session. Database logging is required for
performance monitoring and measurement using Oracle Enterprise Manager. The
logged information includes service access patterns, response times for services,
and the number of sessions. This data can be used by remote management tools to
display results such as service access patterns, throughput, and average response
times. Database logging is handled asynchronously.