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Multi-byte Character Support



Multi-byte Character Support

Multi-byte Character Support describes multi-byte character support in Wireless
Edition. Each section of this document presents a different topic. These sections

Section 7.1, "Overview"

Section 7.2, "Multi-byte Encoding Schemes"

Section 7.3, "Setting the Multi-Byte Encoding for the Personalization Portal"

Section 7.4, "Setting up a Netscape Browser to Display Multi-byte Data"

Section 7.5, "LocalStrings.properties Files and Localization"


In this document:

WE_HOME is the directory in which Wireless Edition is
installed followed by the "panama" sub-directory. For example:

c:\ias10210\panama (Windows)

/private/ias10210/panama (UNIX)

Replace "WE_HOME" with the fully-qualified directory path.

ORACLE_HOME is the directory in which Oracle9i
Application Server is installed.