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Oracle9i Application Server Wireless Edition Configuration Guide

Section 10.17, "MailAdapter.properties"

Section 10.18, "Master.Properties"

Section 10.19, "positioner.xml"

Section 10.20, "Geocoders.xml"

Section 10.21, "Mappers.xml"

Section 10.22, "Routers.xml"

Section 10.23, "Strip.properties"

Section 10.24, "MAgent.properties"

Section 10.25, "MInstances.properties"

Section 10.26, "Cookies.properties"

10.1 Overview

Property files enable you to plug in new components easily, or extend and configure
existing ones. The Wireless Edition includes many property files. The following
table lists the property files you can use to configure Wireless Edition.


In this document:

WE_HOME is the directory in which Wireless Edition is
installed followed by the "panama" sub-directory. For example:

c:\ias10210\panama (Windows)

/private/ias10210/panama (UNIX)

Replace "WE_HOME" with the fully-qualified directory path.

ORACLE_HOME is the directory in which Oracle9i
Application Server is installed.


Verify that the .properties files do not contain duplicate

entries. If duplicate entries are present, the entry nearest the end of
the file has precedence.