UTStarcom CDM1450 User Manual

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The idle mode display appears when you are not on a call or using the
menu. You must be in idle mode to dial a phone number.

Signal Strength

Current signal strength: the more lines, the stronger the signal.

Call inuse

Indicates call is in progress or the phone cannot receive a signal from
the system.

No Service

Indicates the phone cannot receive a signal from the system.

City dial

Indicates City dial mode.

Emergency Call

Blinks when an emergency call is in progress.


Phone is out of home area.

Speed dial

Indicates Speed dial mode.

Airplane Mode

Transmitting and receiving information is restricted.




Text & Graphic area

Soft Key Indicators

Shows the functions currently assigned to each Option Button
and displays some icons.

Display Indicators

Display various icons.

Send Key

Press to make or receive a call, or in idle mode press to access the All Calls list.


In Idle Mode:

Press for Contacts, for Messaging, for
Metro Web and For Scheduler.

Within a Menu:

Within a menu, use to scroll through menu or to select a
function displayed on the screen.

End Key

Press to terminate a call or to return to idle mode. Press and hold to turn the
phone on/off.

Left Option Button

Press to access Main Menu or function displayed on bottom line.


Press to clear a digit or press and hold to clear all digits from the display.
Press to return to the previous page.

Shift Key

Enters the asterisk [*] character for calling features. In text entry mode, press

to change the character input type. Press and hold to turn on/off Vibrate

Right Option Button

Press to access the Message Menu @Metro or function displayed on bottom

Space Key

In text entry mode, press to accept the word and add a space. Press and
hold to lock/unlock the phone.

Side Volume Key

Allows you to adjust the ringer volume in standby mode or adjust the voice
volume during a call. The volume key can also be used to scroll up or down to
navigate through the different menu options. Press to ignore an incoming call
and mute the ringer.

0 Key

In T9 Mode, press to see other word choices.

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