Safety, Battery – UTStarcom CDM1450 User Manual

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Your device uses a removable and rechargeable lithium ion battery. Please
contact customer service for assistance should you need a replacement battery.

• Only use the battery and charger approved by the manufacturer.

• Only use the battery for its original purpose.

• Try to keep batteries in a temperature between 41°F (5°C) and 95°F (35°C).

• If the battery is stored in temperatures above or below the recommended range,

give it time to warm up or cool down before using.

• Completely drain the battery before recharging. It may take one to four days to

completely drain.

• Store the discharged battery in a cool, dark, and dry place.

• Purchase a new battery when its operating time gradually decreases after fully


• Properly dispose of the battery according to local regulations.

• Don’t attempt to disassemble the battery – it is a sealed unit with no

serviceable parts.

• Don’t expose the battery terminals to any other metal object (e.g., by carrying it

in your pocket or purse with other metallic objects such as coins, clips and
pens). This can short circuit and critically damage the battery.

• Don’t leave the battery in hot or cold temps. Otherwise, it could significantly

reduce the capacity and lifetime of the battery.

• Don’t dispose of the battery into a fire.

Lithium ion batteries are recyclable. When you replace your built-in battery,
please request the repair center to recycle the battery in accordance with RBRC
standards. When disposing of the battery by yourself, please call RBRC at (800)
822-8837 for proper disposal tips.

Never touch any fluid that might leak from the built-in battery. Such liquid when
in contact with the eyes or skin, could cause injury to the skin or eyes. Should the
liquid come into contact with the eyes, irrigate the eyes thoroughly with clean
water and immediately seek medical attention. In the event the liquid comes into
contact with the skin or clothing, wash it away immediately with clean water.

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