Top four problems you can fix on your own – Vita-Mix BARBOSS MP User Manual

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1. Problem:

• increased vibration

• leaking from bottom of container

• increased container noise

Solution #1:

Check blade assembly for loose, damaged

or nicked components and replace.

Solution #2:

Tighten retainer nut with screwdriver

moving clockwise until it is snug. See p. 8.

3. Problem:

• loud noise from blade area

• blades don’t spin


Drive socket may be broken. Check for a

fine crack down the center or worn teeth-

replace with a new drive socket. (Item #891).

Instructions are included with part.

4. Problem:

• Machine will not run when START

TIMER switch is activated.


Check ON/OFF switch to make sure the

switch is in the ON position. Note: START

TIMER switch is lit when power is on.

2. Problem:

• Machine will not run.

Solution #1:

Double-check to make sure power cord is

firmly in power outlet.

Solution #2:

Check to make sure switches are clean

and moving freely.

Solution #3:

The thermal protector may have turned

the machine OFF. Turn power OFF for up

to 30 minutes to reset. Note: Cooling may

be quickened by placing the motor base in

a refrigerator or cool spot. (Unplug first).

To speed up the cooling process, try circu-

lating the air with a fan or vacuum at the

bottom of the motor base.

Top four problems you can fix on your own

Timer stops working if machine is overloaded on low speed. Reset by turning power

OFF for 15 seconds. Do not turn power OFF midway through a blending cycle.

To interrupt cycle, press START/STOP TIMER switch one time. See page 4.

If you cannot fix your machine with these suggestions, technical help is available by

calling 800-4DRINK4 (800-437-4654). If outside the United States and Canada,

contact your local Vita-Mix distributor or phone the Vita-Mix International Division at

+1 (440) 782-2450 or email for a distributor in your country.

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