Blade assembly removal – Vita-Mix BARBOSS MP User Manual

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Blade Agitator Assembly. Blades are sharp; use

caution when handling the blade. When inserting the

blade assembly through the container bottom, align the

flat sides. Gravity holds it in place while the retainer nut

is tightened. Do not attempt to disassemble this part.

Drive Spline. Mates with drive socket on the motor

base to turn the blade. Note: Removing and replacing

your container while the coupling is still rotating will

strip the drive spline “teeth”. (This part is NOT


Retainer Nut. Must be snug. Order the available

retainer nut wrench for best results. (Refer to the

diagram below to remove or replace.)

CAUTION: Do not remove blades unless absolutely necessary!

At times, it may be necessary to give your blades additional

cleaning. An easy-to-use blade assembly removal wrench

(Item #15596) may be purchased through your Vita-Mix

distributor. Never attempt to take the blade assembly itself

apart. This will void the warranty.

Turn the container upside down and grip firmly. Insert retainer

nut wrench in groove of retainer nut and rotate counterclock-

wise to loosen. Then grip blades with a cloth and remove

retainer nut by hand.

Replacing Blade Assembly

With the container upside down, grip blades with cloth, insert

into the container bottom and align with flat sides of container

opening. Place retainer nut on and hand tighten. Last, carefully

turn clockwise until secure, using wrench. Do not force. If it is

not tight enough, you will notice increased container noise.

Blade Assembly Removal

Retainer Nut Wrench

in use.

Retainer Nut Wrench

Never use a blade assembly with loose, damaged or nicked components.

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