Vita-Mix BARBOSS MP User Manual

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Note: The thermal protector shuts the motor off to protect it from overheating. To restart,

wait for motor to cool down with the power OFF (up to 30 minutes). When this happens,

review your processing techniques and your instructions. Your recipes may be too thick

or have too much material in them.

Cooling may be quickened by placing the motor base in a refrigerator or a cool spot.

Unplug first. To speed up the process try circulating the air with a vacuum or fan aimed

at the bottom of the base. If the motor seems to be over heating (and the thermal

overload protector has not turned the machine OFF), remove the container from the

base. Set the timer for 20 seconds. Turn the machine ON and let the machine run for

20 seconds. Repeat this step 3 times for a total of 1 minute.

6. To use the PULSE switch: Press ON/OFF switch to ON. With the container on the

motor base depress the PULSE switch. Release the switch to turn off the motor.

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