Vita-Mix BARBOSS MP User Manual

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PLEASE NOTE: The Service Contract outlined in the following paragraphs applies

only to customers in the United States and Canada. Customers in all other countries

should contact their local Vita-Mix


distributor for service details.

This Vita-Mix blender includes a 1-Year Service Contract effective from date of

purchase. In the event your machine should need parts or repairs, covered under this

Service Contract, call Vita-Mix customer service immediately for instructions. Proof of

date of purchase may be required. This does not cover abuse, misuse, tampering,

improper installation or extreme conditions.

The Vita-Mix Service Contract includes the following:

1. Only one extra drive socket - to facilitate simple repairs and prevent down time is

included and packaged with each machine.

2. Additional drivers and accelerator tool, unless defective, are not covered. NOTE: to

determine if you have a defective part, please order a replacement part through

Vita-Mix Customer Service and, when the new part arrives, return the old part in the

same packaging. Vita-Mix will inspect the returned part and, if defective, issue a

refund for the price of the new part. A part will be considered defective if no abuse or

neglect was involved with its break. Non defective parts sent to Vita-Mix for inspection

will not be returned if deemed unusable. Service Contract covers functionality of the

machine but not abuse or lack of recommended maintenance.

3. In the continental United States, sender pays freight one way to Vita-Mix

Corporation. The Vita-Mix Corporation will pay UPS ground freight charges to return

the machine to the sender. Sender pays costs for special shipping requests. Outside

Continental United States, other service contracts may apply.

Before returning this product for any reason, including repair, please, first contact our

CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT: (800) 4DRINK4, (800) 437-4654 or (440) 235-0214


Note: Within the United States, Limited Warranty and Service Contract are honored

directly through the Vita-Mix Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio USA. Non-warranty repairs

can be performed by any CFESA service center. For machines sold in the USA, call

Vita-Mix (800) 4DRINK4 (800-437-4654) or (440) 235-0214.

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