Barboss, Mp & drink machine mp model, Or 409 – Vita-Mix BARBOSS MP User Manual

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NOTE: Switches will become sticky from use. Use a wet cloth or sponge to flush and

clean in the groove around the water-shielded switches. You may also lightly spray

the surface around the switches with an all purpose cleaner (such as Cinch


or 409



and work the switches back and forth a few times to loosen any dried residue under

switch. Leaving switches sticky will damage or burn out the switches.




MP &

Drink Machine MP Model

ON/OFF switch. Located on the front of the

machine below the switch panel, controls the

power to the machine. With the machine plugged

in, switch the machine to ON to ready the

machine for blending. Shut OFF power switch

at night or whenever the machine will be left


START TIMER switch. This is a lighted switch.

When light is lit power is ON. Depress START

TIMER switch to activate timer setting and again

to stop midcycle.

During operation, you may interrupt timer by

pressing START/STOP switch.

TIMER DIAL. Allows user to select a number

of timed settings. Increments on timer are

approximate seconds. Timer is activated only

when the power switch is ON. Blender will shut

off automatically at the end of the pre-set time.

PULSE switch. Pulse button can only be used

when the power switch is ON. The PULSE

switch can be used to quickly refresh product

in the container by depressing the switch and

holding down as long as needed.

Note on Timers: Stop mid cycle with

START/STOP switch, not the

ON/OFF switch. If the ON/OFF

switch was used, wait 30 seconds for

power to recycle and the timer to

reset before resuming operation.













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