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MP & Drink Machine MP Instructions

1. Set the container on the motor base by aligning it over the centering pad anchored to

the base. (Motor must be completely stopped before positioning container). Containers

are not to be used for hard, dry materials. Avoid running your machine with the container


2. Place liquids and soft foods in the container first, solid items and ice last. Prepare

food by cutting or breaking into 1-3 inch (3-8 cm) pieces. Frozen fruit should be as small

as practical.

3. Always use lid when blending. If blending hot ingredients, the lid must be securely in

place. When processing hot liquids, DO NOT use a non-latching lid.

4. Press ON/OFF switch to ON. Activate the timer by selecting the desired setting

on the dial and then depressing the START/STOP TIMER switch on the left.


Each setting on the dial (#1 - #5 and MAX Blend) is an increase in time and

speed. Your own testing will determine what setting will work best for your drinks.

4a. If mixture stops circulating, you have likely trapped an air bubble. Either insert the

tamper through the lid while blending, or stop the motor remove the container from

the base and stir or scrape the mixture from the sides of container into the center

using a rubber spatula to press any air bubbles away from the blades. Replace the

lid and continue blending.

Note: START/STOP TIMER switch on your machine is lit when power is ON. Avoid

moveable parts. The timer stops working if machine is overloaded on low speed.

Reset the machine by turning power OFF for 15 seconds.

Warning: If you detect a change in the sound of the machine or if a hard or

foreign object comes into contact with the blades, do not serve the drink.

Inspect your blade assembly for loose, nicked or missing parts. If parts are

loose, missing, or nicked replace with new blade assembly. (See page 8.)

4b. To prevent possible splashing, lightly rest your hand on the lid while turning the

machine on (except when processing hot liquids).

4c. Due to the blending speed of the machine, processing times are greatly reduced

over standard machines. Until you become accustomed to the speed, watch your

mixture carefully to avoid over-blending.

4d. If stopping the machine mid-cycle, use the START/STOP switch, not the POWER

switch. If the POWER switch was used, wait 30 seconds for power to recycle and

the timer to reset before resuming operation.

5. After blender has been turned off, wait until blade comes to a complete stop before

removing the lid or container from the motor base.

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