Vita-Mix BARBOSS MP User Manual

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The Accelerator Tool prevents an air bubble

from forming while blending. It is used when

making frozen ice creams, pureeing fruits

and vegetables, (or whenever your mixture

requires it). It also permits you to push

ingredients down around the blades while

the Vita-Mix blender is running.

Accelerator Tool use:

• Use only with the lid in place and the

center lid plug removed.

• The splash disc prevents the Accelerator

Tool from hitting the blades when insert-

ed through the lid.

• Container should not be more than

2/3 full (just below the indicated

maximum capacity for XP containers)

when the Accelerator Tool is left in place

while blending.

• To avoid overheating, do not exceed

30 seconds of continuous blending

with Accelerator Tool in place.

• If thick mixtures stop circulating, you

have likely trapped an air bubble.

Insert Accelerator Tool through the lid

and stir to release it.

• Holding the Accelerator Tool at an angle

near the side and pushing towards the

center will be more effective when

creating a thicker, smoother drink.

*NOTE: Accelerator Tools have a small step

on them. The step prevents the Accelerator

Tool from coming into contact with the blades

in Vita-Mix polycarbonate containers.

Accelerator Tool cannot be used with a one

piece non-latching lid.









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