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Adjust Printhead Balance and Pressure


11342L-001 Rev. A

105SL User Guide


Adjust Printhead Balance and Pressure

Printhead toggle position (balance) and printhead pressure affect print quality. If the pressure
is too light or uneven, the labels and ribbon may slip.

Adjust Printhead Balance

You may need to adjust the printhead balance by moving the toggle if printing is too light on
one side of the labels.

To position the toggle, complete these steps:


Print some labels at 2.4 in.

(61 mm) per second by running the

PAUSE Self Test

on page 133



While printing labels, use the control panel to lower the darkness setting until the labels
are printing gray instead of black. See

Adjust Print Darkness on page 79

for instructions.


Loosen the locking nut at the top of the toggle assembly.


Position the toggle over the center of the labels by sliding it to the left or right.

Important •

Print quality depends on the labels and ribbon used as well as the toggle position

and pressure. Make sure that your labels and ribbon are right for your application.