Important safety instructions – Zhone Technologies 4000E User Manual

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Important Safety Instructions


4000E IP Broadband Loop Carrier Installation Instructions


Important Safety Instructions

1 Read and follow all warning notices and instructions marked on the

product or included in the manual.

2 Do not attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing

covers may expose you to dangerous high voltage points or other risks.

Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.

3 WARNING: This unit supports a redundant 48 VDC power input

connection. Disconnect both sources of input power before servicing.

4 This product is to be installed only in a Restricted Access Location

(dedicated equipment rooms, equipment closets or the like) in accordance

with articles 110-16, 110-17 and 110-18 of the National Electrical Code,


5 This product is to be connected to a 48 VDC SELV supply source that is

electrically isolated from the AC source.

6 The positive terminal of the 48 VDC source is to be reliably connected to

earth. Connect a green/yellow earthing (grounding) wire to the protective

earthing (grounding) lug connector, identified by the protective earth

symbol on the chassis.

7 A readily accessible disconnect device as part of the building installation

shall be incorporated in fixed wiring. The disconnect device (a 48 VDC,

10 A, single pole circuit breaker or switch) must be included in the

ungrounded supply conductor. Over current protection must be included

with a 48 VDC, 10 A fuse or circuit breaker in the ungrounded conductor.

Use minimum 16 AWG (2.5 mm


) fixed power source wires with strain


8 Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord and do not locate the

product where persons will walk on the power cord.

9 Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation. To ensure

reliable operation of the product and to protect it from overheating, these

slots and openings must not be blocked or covered.

10 General purpose cables are described for use with this product. Special

cables, which may be required by the regulatory inspection authority for

the installation site, are the responsibility of the customer. To reduce the

risk of fire, use a UL Listed or CSA Certified, minimum No. 26 AWG

(0.128 mm2) telecommunication cable, or comparable cables certified for

use in the country of installation.

11 A rare phenomenon can create a voltage potential between the earth

grounds of two or more buildings. If products installed in separate

buildings are interconnected, the voltage potential may cause a hazardous

condition. Consult a qualified electrical consultant to determine whether

or not this phenomenon exists and, if necessary, implement corrective

action prior to interconnecting the products.

12 In addition, if the equipment is to be used with telecommunications

circuits, take the following precautions:
— Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm.