Nokta detectors Fors Gold User Manual

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The brightness level of the LCD panel on the system box affects power consumption a lot.

Therefore, the backlight illuminates during menu access and ground balancing. It does not

illuminate during searching or target detection. On the other hand, the brightness level of

the numeric display on the handle affects power consumption relatively less. It illuminates

during target detection and pinpointing. Especially if you are using the menu frequently,

we recommend that you choose the minimum brightness level that you can see in for

longer battery life.

This feature enables the device to provide vibration feedback as well as audio when a

target is detected during searching. Vibration can be used alone without audio feedback.

When the volume is turned off, target detection will be conveyed to the user by vibration.

Vibration level can be adjusted from 0 to 5. When set to 0, vibration will be deactivated. By

adjusting the vibration level between 1 and 5, you can change the speed of vibration, in

other words the effect felt by the user, in all search modes. At level 1, the device will only

vibrate on more definite targets (shallow) and the target's vibration signal will be longer. At

the maximum level 5, the device will vibrate with smaller target signals (deeper) and the

vibration signals will be shorter. The speed of vibration will vary based on target depth and

sweep speed. When you turn off and on the device, it will start with the last vibration level

you chose. This setting is common to all modes; changes will take effect in all modes.

The speed of vibration is fixed in the pinpointing mode; it cannot be adjusted. In other

words, there is no difference between 1 and 5. But when it is set to 0, it will be off just like

in the search modes. In the pinpointing mode, the speed of vibration will increase as you

get closer to the center of target response and it will reach its maximum level at the center.

The vibration feature of FORS Gold has been developed with hearing impaired people in

mind. The hearing impaired users have to follow the screen constantly and this can be

tough during searching. There is a good chance that they will miss a target when they are

not looking at the screen. Vibration feature enables the hearing impaired users to metal

detect more conveniently.

Is used to change the language of the device. The FORS Gold menus can be viewed in 10

languages. At initial startup, the factory default language will be displayed. The user can

change the language in the menu. When you turn off and on the device, it will start with

the last language you selected.

Language is placed as the last option in the menu so it is easy to find in case the language

is changed to a foreign language by mistake. For languages written from right to left, the

screen layout is also designed that way.






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