Nokta detectors Fors Gold User Manual

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*If no button is pressed for a few seconds after accessing the menu, the device will go back

to the main screen. If you do not want to wait, you can press and release the pinpoint

button once to go to the main screen as well.

*Do not turn off the device while the menu screen is displayed. If you turn off the device

while in the menu and made changes in the personal settings (volume, tone, brightness,

vibration and language) the changes will not be saved.

* You do not need to confirm or exit the menu to save the changes. New values will take

effect immediately.

* When you select the ''brightness'' option in the menu, the backlight will turn on and

number ''88'' will appear on the numeric display. This way, the user can see the correct

brightness level on screen and adjust it accordingly.

* If you change the language of the device to a foreign language by mistake, the text on

screen may make no sense for you. Therefore, language is placed as the last option in the

menu. In such a case, go to the last option and select your own language.

* When you press and hold the menu switches, the menu options and values will change

more rapidly.

* Disabled menu options ( that cannot be changed by the user) will appear grayed out. The

disabled option may be active in another mode. (For example; ID Masking appears

disabled in the General Search mode but active in other modes)


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