Nokta detectors Fors Gold User Manual

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Adjusting these two settings correctly is critical for the device to work at its best

performance and without noise. It is possible to obtain an average performance with the

startup settings. However, to be able to have better detection depth in clean areas or to be

able to search in tough ground conditions, these two settings must be adjusted properly.

Sensitivity and Threshold in General Search Mode:

In the General Search mode, a constant background hum is heard during searching. The

loudness of this hum directly impacts the detection depth of smaller and deeper targets

and it is adjusted by the threshold setting. If the threshold is set too high, the target signal

may not be heard. On the contrary, if it is too low, you give up the depth advantage this

setting offers. In other words, weak signals of smaller or deeper targets may be missed.

Threshold setting comes with the default value at each startup (not with the last adjusted

value). It is recommended for average users to leave this setting at its default value and for

experienced users to adjust to the highest level where they can still hear the weak target


In the General Search mode, although the sensitivity setting seems like it is behaving

similarly to the threshold, it actually causes an increase or decrease in the popping sounds

and false signals. It is important to set the sensitivity setting to the highest level possible

where no major popping sounds are heard. For example; if the noise level is suitable for

searching and is the same at sensitivity levels 20 and 50, then 50 should be preferred. Using

the factory default levels will be a good starting point until you get familiar and

experienced with the device.

If the device is stable but too noisy, the threshold setting should be decreased. However, if

it sounds erratic and there is too much popping, the sensitivity setting should be lowered.

Sensitivity in Discrimination Modes:

Because there is no threshold in discrimination modes, by using the sensitivity setting

alone, you can increase the detection depth or enable the device to run without noise in

different fields.

To adjust the sensitivity setting in discrimination modes, ground balance first with the

sensitivity set at its default value. After the ground balance is completed, hold the search

coil still or sweep above the ground at the search height. If the device receives noise, lower

the sensitivity. If the device receives no noise (when checking this, please be sure that the

ID Masking is also at its factory default value), you can increase the sensitivity setting

gradually to the highest level where there are no popping sounds. During searching, if the

device starts receiving noise, lower sensitivity gradually.


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