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Metal detectors work on the principle of conductivity and all metals are conductive. On the

other hand, soil itself has a certain degree of conductive property. Under certain

conditions, the conductivity level of the soil may be very high. Soil and rocks have

magnetic properties as well as conductivity. For this reason, when searching in soil and

between rocks, in order for the detector not to give a target signal for the soil, the detector

should be able to eliminate the soil and minimize the effects of rocks while still detecting

real targets. Otherwise, false signals and noise may mislead the user and make it

impossible to find the target. The purpose of ground balancing is to eliminate these false

signals and noise.

When you sweep the search coil over the ground, you can see whether the ground balance

is adjusted properly or not. However, if the signals and noise continue when the coil is

raised up, you must consider the possibility of the electromagnetic waves in the

surrounding environment. Electromagnetic waves may result from power lines or from the

operation of electrical devices, radars, wireless radios, and even TVs. In such a case, first

make sure that the device is silent by making the sensitivity and threshold adjustments

and then ground balance.

When using this mode, if you record the IDs of the rocks in the field and then

mask them using the ID Masking feature, nugget detection will be more

convenient. When masking IDs, you must use the ID value closest to the ID of the

rocks. Otherwise, you may miss the nuggets under the rocks. Consequently, you

may need to change the default ID masking value(10) of this mode to another

value based on the IDs of the rocks in the field. For more details on eliminating

hot rocks, please read the related sections Target ID and ID Masking, Hot Rocks

and Searching in Rocky Areas, and Metals Under Hot Rocks).

If you dig a target signal in a gold field and find rocks, be sure that there is no

small gold nugget underneath.

In the BST mode, the device will produce a low tone for iron and positive hot

rocks. For all other metals, it will produce a single tone just like in the General

Search Mode, which increases in pitch as the coil approaches the target. The gold

nuggets under rocks may generate a tone and ID different from that of gold and

this totally normal.

To get familiar with the warning audio tones, we recommend you to test the

device with different metals and rocks before you use it in the field.


When searching in the BST mode, you must sweep the coil more

slowly (about one full right & left pass in 1 second).



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