Nokta detectors Fors Gold User Manual

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Sometimes referred to as the ''All Metal'' mode, this is the deepest mode of the device.

Different than the other modes, this mode has a constant threshold sound in the

background that enables the user to use his/her own judgment.

In the General Search mode, the device will detect all targets (metal, high mineralized

rocks etc.) without discrimination. The ID of the detected target will be displayed on the

screen (except for negative rocks) and the device will emit the same tone for all targets. The

audio warning tone will increase in pitch as the coil approaches the target.

In this mode, the sensitivity and threshold settings are preset by the factory for best

performance on most soil types. If you want, you can change these settings based on

ground conditions in your search field.

ID Masking is not available in this mode so it is disabled in the menu.

We recommend using the General Search mode when discrimination is not necessary and

not using it in heavy trash areas or areas containing many hot rocks.


Different than the General Search mode, there is no threshold in these modes and the

device emits a warning tone only when a target is detected. If the sensitivity level is not set

properly, you can hear a crackling sound in these modes. Therefore, the sensitivity should

be adjusted to a level that the device is silent when there is no metal present.

Discrimination modes have some common features but they have slight behavioral

differences. ID Masking is a common feature, used frequently in these modes. ID Masking

values are preset by the factory for these modes. If you want, you can change these values

based on field and ground conditions.


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This is the 3-tone discrimination mode. The device will emit a low grunt tone for

iron and positive hot rocks, a low tone for gold and foil, and a high tone for

non-ferrous metals such as silver, brass and copper. This mode is ideal to use in

fields with different types of metals enabling you to search faster with audio


If you want, you can use the ID Masking to ignore positive hot rocks or other

unwanted targets. The ID Masking default value is set to 10. We recommend you

to change this value according to the type of target and the IDs of the rocks in

your search field.


It is the 2-tone discrimination mode. Developed for use in gold fields, this mode is

deeper than DI3. It provides more depth for nugget searching and minimizes the

effects of hot rocks.