Nokta detectors Fors Gold User Manual

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Pinpointing is to determine the center or the exact location of a detected target.

FORS Gold operates on the principle of motion. This means that you must move the search

coil over the target or the target over the search coil, in order for the device to detect it. In

the pinpoint mode, however, the device constantly gives signal when you hold the search

coil still over the target.

A proper ground balance setting is a must for accurate pinpointing. In changing ground

conditions, re-ground balancing is recommended before pinpointing.

When you press and hold the pinpoint button, a horizontal bar moving in the negative or

positive direction, indicating metal or soil/rock effects, appears on the LCD panel. The bar

starts filling up as the target is approached. The furthest point it fills up to indicates the

center of the target.

At the same time, the estimated depth reading appears on the LCD panel as well as the

numeric display on the handle (see page 25). The signal tone increases in pitch and volume

as the search coil approaches the target. In the pinpoint mode, the device does not

discriminate or give target IDs. If the device is in the vibration mode, the speed of vibration

will increase as you get closer to the center of target.

To pinpoint:

1. After a target is detected, move the search coil aside where there is no target response

and press the pinpoint button.

2. Keeping the button pressed, approach the target with the search coil keeping it parallel

to the ground.

3. As the center of the target is approached, the signal tone will get stronger and change in

pitch. At the same time, the depth reading on the screen will start decreasing.

4. Mark the spot where you get the loudest response with your foot or an object.

5. Change your direction 90º and repeat the above steps. Repeating this process from a few

different angles will narrow the field of detection and give you a better idea of target



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