Nokta detectors Fors Gold User Manual

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The ground balance value indicates the type of ground. Some typical ground types are as


0-25 Wet salt water or wet alkali soils

25-50 Wet salt water and wet alkali soils covered with dry layers

50-70 Regular, low-quality soils

70-90 Highly magnetic soils, magnetite or maghemite and similar highly mineralized

soils, black sand


When the device is turned on, the ground balance value is preset to 90. Automatic ground

balancing value ranges from 40-90 in all modes. If the ground mineralization is too low, the

automatic ground balance may not work. In this case, if the ground effect can be felt in the

General Search mode, manual ground balancing can work. If the ground effect cannot be

felt, you can set it to 60.

You can test the accuracy of the ground balance setting in the pinpointing mode as well.

Once the ground balance is done, lower the search coil to the ground. If the device receives

no signal or a very weak one as the search coil approaches the ground, it means that the

ground balancing was successful. On the contrary, if the device receives noise as the search

coil approaches the ground, it means that the ground balance has failed. In this case,

change your location and try re-ground balancing. If you still cannot ground balance, you

need to continue searching without ground balance. Turn off and on the device again and

start searching without ground balancing. If you receive noise when you sweep the coil

over the ground, set the search mode to DI3 or BST (adjust sensitivity accordingly) and

increase the ID Masking to a level where the noise is eliminated. On the other hand,

because the ID Masking is not active in the General Search, if you cannot reduce the noise,

you cannot continue searching either.

Once the ground balance is set, it will remain satisfactory for a long time in most areas.

However, in areas where the soil has been disturbed by digging or filling up, or in

geologically complex areas -commonly encountered in gold fields- you may have to

ground balance frequently to accommodate changing ground conditions.


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