Nokta detectors Fors Gold User Manual

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No matter what the reason is, a well adjusted FORS Gold will increase your chance of

finding metals under hot rocks. The combined effect of a metal and a hot rock is less than

the metal's effect by itself and the received ID will be different than the metal's expected

ID. The ID will be a combination of the rock's and metal's and based on how small the metal

is compared to the rock, it will be closer to the rock's ID. You should always keep in mind

that metals under hot rocks will never appear with their own metal ID.

For these reasons, you should always remember that in gold prospecting fields, it is

possible for gold signals under hot rocks to be reflected differently and for the device to

give a different metal ID and tone instead of gold. For example; a gold nugget under a brick

may generate an iron tone and ID instead of gold.

In reality a simple principle can save you a lot of time: ''If the target encountered is not a

rock, it can be metal''.

The key to finding targets especially under positive hot rocks is knowing the maximum ID

value of the positive hot rocks around you. If you are searching in the General Search

mode, keep an eye on the ID. If the ID is close to the rock and iron range, there is a high

chance of finding a target under the rock. Because ID Masking is not an option in the

General Search mode, you need to ignore signals based on the ID number on screen.

In the discrimination modes, if you eliminate hot rocks with a properly adjusted ID Masking

setting, you can hear the signal of the target under the rock if the target signal has a slightly

greater effect than the masked ID. The important thing here is that if you detect a target

and dig out a rock, you should note the ID you got before digging and use it as the ID

Masking value the next time.

For example; the hot rocks in your search field tend to give IDs around 3-4. In this case, you

should set the ID Masking to maximum 5. This way you can eliminate rocks and the signals

of metals underneath. If you set the ID Masking too high unnecessarily, you will lose metals

along with rocks.

If the hot rocks in your search area tend to give high IDs, then the chances of missing the

signals of small metals underneath will be high as well.

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