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One of the following may happen as a result of improper ground balancing:

-The device gives a signal when the coil is swept over the ground where there is no target.

-The device is silent but loses detection depth for certain metals.

-The device receives target-like signals next to holes and dips.
The above mentioned situations do not only occur as a result of improper ground balance

adjustment. However, before looking into other reasons you must be sure that the ground

balance is correctly adjusted.
Ground balance value is common to all modes; changes will take effect in all modes. When

using the automatic ground balance or ground tracking, this setting is adjusted

Ground balance can be done in three ways in FORS Gold: Automatic, Manual or Ground


During automatic or manual ground balancing, when you press the ground balance

button, no matter what mode you are using, the device will unnoticeably revert to the

General Search mode and the audible tones will be heard accordingly.
Automatic ground balance is done the same way in all modes:
1. Find a spot on the ground where there is no metal.
2. Press and hold the ground balance button and pump the search coil up and down from

about 15-20 cm (~6''- 8'') above the ground down to 3 cm (~1'') off the ground.
3. Continue until you hear the beep indicating that the ground balancing is completed.

Based on ground conditions, it usually takes about 1-4 pumps for the ground balance to be

4. Once the ground balance is done, the ground balance value will appear on the LCD

panel as well as the numeric display on the handle. If you continue to press and hold the

ground balance button, the device will keep on ground balancing and beeping. To make

sure that the ground balance adjustment is correct, please repeat the process 2 or 3 times

and each time check the value on the display. The difference between the values should

not be greater than 1 or 2 numbers.
5. If you cannot ground balance, meaning you don't hear the beep, either the ground is

very conductive or not mineralized or there must be a buried metal object underneath the

coil. In such a case, move to another location and re-ground balance. If you still cannot

succeed, try manual ground balancing.



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