Accessing nibp features – ZOLL R Series Monitor Defibrillator Rev A NIBP User Manual

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Preparing to Take Measurements

9650-0914-01 Rev. A

R Series Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)



Check that the cuff ends between the range lines marked on the cuff. If not, use a different
size cuff.


Wrap the deflated cuff snugly around the limb without impeding blood flow.


Ensure that the hose is routed to avoid kinking or compression.

You can now access the NIBP features.

Accessing NIBP Features

Unless you are sure that the NIBP patient type, cuff inflation and alarm settings are appropriate
for the patient, display the NIBP menu before you take a blood pressure measurement. When
you first turn on the R Series unit, the NIBP settings are at their default values.

While the factory-installed default settings are appropriate for most adult patients, do not
assume the settings are at their default. A previous user may have:

Changed the settings (if you did not turn on the R Series unit).

Reconfigured the default settings.

Use the default settings unless they are clearly inappropriate for the patient. Any changes to
these settings remain in effect until either the settings are again changed, or for 10 seconds after
the R Series unit is turned off. If you have not received training on setting NIBP features, do not
use the NIBP option.

To facilitate quick reaction during emergency situations, you can directly access many NIBP
features without displaying the NIBP menu (see the following table).


Do not start NIBP measurements unless you are sure that the cuff inflation and alarm
settings are appropriate for the patient. Incorrect settings can result in patient injury or
inaccurate measurements.