Non-invasive blood pressure (nibp), Product description, How to use this manual – ZOLL R Series Monitor Defibrillator Rev A NIBP User Manual

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9650-0914-01 Rev. A


Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)

Product Description

The Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) option on the R Series


unit gives you the ability to

take a single blood pressure measurement, STAT measurements (automatically repeated
measurements over a 5 minute period), or automatic measurements at repeating pre-selected
intervals. The blood pressure information (including the patient’s systolic, diastolic and mean
blood pressure values) is shown on the R Series monitor in the NIBP display area, on the left
side of the screen.

For R Series BLS/Plus models, the NIBP option can only be used while the unit is in Manual

How To Use This Manual

This insert describes how to set up and use the R Series NIBP option. Important safety
information relating to the general use of the R Series NIBP option appears in “Safety
Considerations” on page 2.

Before attempting to use the NIBP option, you must read and understand all the information
contained in the R Series Operator’s Guide, which provides information that operators need for
the safe and effective use and care of the R Series unit.

Thoroughly read the Safety Considerations and Warnings sections in both the R Series
Operator’s Guide
and the relevant inserts before operating your R Series product.

SunTech CE Contact

Direct all cuff, hose, and NIBP questions with regards to the Declaration of Conformity with
European Union Directives to the authorized representative for SunTech:

SunTech Medical Instruments Ltd.
Oakfield Industrial Estate
Stantom Harcourt Road
Eynsham, Witney