Nature Power SOLAR PEST REPELLER (21110 ) User Manual

Solar pest repeller

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Thank you for your purchasing the Solar Pest Repeller. The Solar Pest Repeller is used to distress the acute hearing of
underground rodents, with an effective yet safe result. Transmitting vibrations and Ultrasonic sound about every 30
seconds, the Solar Pest Repeller has an effective range of up to 650 square meters or 7,000 square feet which
radiates in all directions. The combination of sound and vibration will confuse the pest, making them feel in danger,
thereby making the vicinity undesirable, which will force them away from the area. To achieve the best performance,
we strongly recommend that 1 Solar Pest Repeller be installed every 30 meters or 100 feet from those areas
frequented by rodents. On occasion pests may at first be attracted by the noise as they are curious to change in their


Weather Resistant

Safe for children and pets

Maintenance Free

Covers a large area, up to 7000sq feet

Humane treatment of pests

Environmentally Friendly Rechargeable Battery

Parameter :

Power Supply: solar panel in conjunction with long-effective rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries
Frequency: 400 Hz – 1000 Hz

Precautions :
The grounds should be checked when getting out the device, frozen earth, irrigated ground or waterlogged ground
are not recommended. Do not use excessive forces, such as a hammer, or you may damage the device. The density
of the earth will affect the efficiency of the device. A certain error margin shall be reserved according to the density
of the earth prior to measuring the effective range. Charge the unit 2 full days before turning the unit to “Auto”.


1) Pick a location free from shade and cover. Then dig a hole in the

ground to place the device.

2) Insert the stake (bar) into the earth. Make sure the top is exposed

to the outside, about 1 inch above the ground. Place soil around
the unit, securing it in the earth.

3) For normal operation, switch to “AUTO” position, this will automatically turn ON the

device. Make sure it has had 2 full sunny days to charge.

Limited Warranty (Receipt Required)

Nature Power warrants our products to the original purchaser that this product is free from
defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year from date of purchase